Made with fresh cut whole aloe vera pieces. Blended with aloe vera juice and watermelon juice. Lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar and natural fruit juices. Refreshing the body from the inside out

Vivaloe Watermelon Aloe Beverage, 500ml (16.9oz) PET Plastic Bottle

    • A refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary sodas.
    • 100% Natural, No Artificial Flavors or Colors, No Fructose or Preservatives
    • Made with Real Aloe Vera Chunks, no powders or gelatins.
    • Case of 12 16.9 Fl. Oz./500 ml. plastic bottles
  • Water, Aloe Vera Pulp, Aloe Vera Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, Watermelon Juice, Grape Skin Extract, Citric Acid, All Natural Flavor.


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